This exciting project is coming to the Yonge and Eglinton condo market very shortly. The VIP event is scheduled for May, 2011. Register now to get your spot secured for the VIP event to receive pre-construction discounted prices, floor plans, and incentives that are only offered during the broker special event. Over 80 percent of sales can take place during these events.  Contact us today and secure your spot before the general public.

Regular real estate agents and the public will be invited after this event is over and the prices have been raised to higher level.

This event is an investor's dream. Don't miss it. We will inform you as soon as we have a set date and time.

Must register to be included in the list of VIP buyer for the very first sale event which is exclusive to us.

Why Buy At the First Round VIP Sale
When a builder launches a brand new building it is sold in stages. For most condos, there are 3 stages. The first stage is called VIP, available only through top condo brokers/agents. This is the very first price the suites come out at. Those suites are sold in a few days.

Once they are sold the builder raises the price and sells another series of suites to the regular real estate agents and their clients.  Later, the builder raises the price again and releases them to the public in the 3rd stage.

Did you ever see on TV the line-up of people for new condo openings? They stand outside for hours sometimes days, walk in the door and see red stickers covering the availability board and wonder how can that be? I was the first in line!

They are the first in line - first in the third line with the third, forth, or possible fifth price increase.

Now, for the best projects in Toronto, there may be another earlier round – the INVESTOR VIP Round or VVIP Round. This is a one day event for the most astute buyers. It’s even more attractively priced than the later rounds. But it is a 1 day only event. Not all the marketing fluff and colour brochures may be in place. And finish samples may not be set up in the best way. But there will be floor plans, complete list of features and amenities, and a proper Condo Document mandated by law to effect a legal sales and purchase agreement. So this is not an event for nit picking little cosmetic details, but an event for the most savy investor able to make quick smart decisions.



Register For Exclusive Viewing:

The Madison Condos at Yonge and Eglinton | Madison Ave Condo


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