This will be a one day sales event, and most likely on a first come first served basis. I can imagine lining up well in advance.

This is how you must get ready if you want a good buy:
1.    Get your deposit money lined up. For now, assume that around 15% to 20% deposit will be required in the 1st year, and 5% within the first 30 days.
2.    Based on you funds, calculate your target price range. So if you have $60K to invest in the first year, your target price range will be around $300K to $400K. You will be able to refine this once you get the info pack.
3.    Line up you mortgage preapproval. You will have to provide a mortgage preapproval within 10 days of signing the Sales and Purchase Agreement. So talk with your mortgage provider and get that started. Call me if you need help.
4.    Once I send you the info pack, pin down your top 3 choices and complete a Worksheet showing your preferences. You must get that Worksheet back to me quickly.
5.    I shall go over your preferences and investment objective with you and give you feed back and suggest improvements. In this regard, I have been conducting in-depth analysis of the market and developments around this project to make sure you are very well informed.
6.    On the day of the sales event be sure to bring 2 government IDs and your cheque book. You will need to write post-dated cheques for the deposits, but these will not be cashed until after the 10 day cooling off period.
7.    Due to our preparation, a good number of you will be buying in parallel, served by a team of sales centre staff. Preparation ahead is paramount to your success.
8.    If you or the actual buyer cannot attend the sales event, we shall need to prepare a Power of Attorney ahead of time. This may take more time if your buyer is out of country. Call me if this is your situation.


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